Passive Investing, Reimagined.

CZR Fund 1 provides institutional investors access to advanced bitcoin mining opportunities and unparalleled rates of return.

Our Features

Compliance Assurance

CZR Fund utilizes regulatory bodies and industry-leading administrators to ensure compliance in the investment opportunities provided.

Bitcoin Mining Opportunities

Investors gain access to high-margin Bitcoin mining ventures.

Superior Returns

CZR investors receive monthly cash-on-cash (COC) returns that surpass the S&P 500 by three times on average.

About us

CZR Fund is an innovative Bitcoin investment platform spearheaded by financial expert Charlie Rothkopf. CZR Fund uniquely integrates Bitcoin investment with the ownership and operation of Bitcoin mining facilities. This pioneering approach aims to capitalize on both the appreciation of Bitcoin's value and the rewards generated through act
ive participation in the mining process, providing a holistic and diversified strategy within the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

Expert access to a growing world of crypto opportunities.

US Fund

CZR Bitcoin Mining Fund

Fact Sheet

The fund is an easy and efficient way to gain diversified exposure to the Bitcoin Mining Industry.

The Off Shore Feeder

CZR Off Shore Feeder Fund

Fact Sheet

The Fund is for non US Investors that want to gain exposure in the US Bitcoin Mining Industry.

Investment Thesis

Bitcoin mining

CZR Fund owns exclusive rights to mining facilities in Missouri, providing access to cheap power, efficient miners, and concrete scalability.

Spot Investments

CZR has access to institutional BTC, where we purchase at a net (-) percentage, automatically putting investors in the green.

Venture Investing

With a strong advisory board, CZR will deploy capital into venture investments utilizing Bitcoin’s technology stack, as well as extremely high ROI.


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